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The company operates with food industry standards and is certified to ISO 22000 & BRC / IoP standards

We consider it our duty to adhere to high quality standards and hygiene standards throughout the range of processes as our company policy is to treat our products as food for consumption Our production facility is in a specially designed space, meeting all the requirements that are defined by national and Community legislation.

The raw materials we use from internationally recognized European brands ensure that our packaging products meet the most stringent European and international quality standards and relevant laws. Frequent controls and strict monitoring throughout the production process, storage and handling of products ensure a high level of hygiene and product quality.

HellenicPlast products comply with European Union General Directives 1935/2004 / EC (concerning materials intended to come into direct contact with food), 2023/2006 / EC (Good Industrial Practice applicable to materials intended for direct use) contact with foodstuffs) and with specific EU directives EC REGULATION 10/2011 (on plastics intended for direct contact with foodstuffs).

Not all products produced by our company contain BISPHENOL-A (BPA-A) & BISPHENOL-S (BPA-S).


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